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The new eponymous eau de parfum by Chloe is quite a departure from the once-popular tuberose composition of the same name.A light and fresh yet seductively strong and self-possessed scent, the new Chloe fragrance is in no way its predecessor's timid younger sister.I wear it only when I want to feel a bit more elegant, not so much attractive, it doesn’t work for that.I like what Chloe fragrances stand for, they all have an innocent, pretty and vintage vibe, I just haven’t found one that works with me yet.Online shops offers: Fragrance 6 items for 11.69 - 74.74 16 items for 12.99 - 109.73 7 items for 23.80 - 138.00, Inc.6 items for 28.00 - 180.00 4 items for 28.00 - 180.00 USDLord & Taylor 2 items for 28.00 - 105.00 USDFragrance 5 items for 47.43 - 144.99 USA, LLC 2 items for 51.46 - 58.99 USDView products...

I was thinking to myself, what in the hell does Chloe smell like? Its a delicate little floral scent that just embodies happiness.

Amber is lost somewhere in the background behind red rose - white floral mixture and cedar wood, but is still slightly detectable. Look our the window and you see things like Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Gucci stores, Dolce and Gabbana, Escada..get it, it's THAT part of town where everybody is busy and no one is underdressed. So I was minding my own business, lost in the perfume world, and this lady comes in.

The opening of the roses is beautiful but after like 30 min or less is just nothing for me, I can smell just litchi and amber... It is very disappointing but it doesn't work on my skin. Delicate, fresh, clean rose that always feels right to wear. Also has amazing sillage and longevity, maybe a little too much for hot weather but I'll just try some of the lighter versions. Her heels were the loudest in this quiet store, she's wearing Leopard fur, with her Louis Vuitton handbag in one hand and another Louis Vuitton shopping bag the size of my fridge in another, strutting her way down the aisle, straight to the perfume section.

I actually have 3 samples of this, and I am enjoying them so much that it might be full bottle worthy..I have plenty of rose fragrances, even after liquidating about three-fourths of my collection four years ago!

When I first apply this, I get rose, lily of the valley and freesia: heady and lovely.

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