Bsd usr ports updating

It allows you to precisely configure which additional features you want to bundle with the final application binary.

Some defaults are already chosen for us, but let’s add “truecolor” support in case we want full bit-depth color when using in the “status” line. As you can see, compiling and installing an application from the Ports Collection is a satisfying process.

bsd usr ports updating-3

We will determine the relevant information necessary to navigate to the from the Ports Collection!

On a Free BSD system, instructions say to rebuild all p5-* ports - how do I do that? I'm an experienced Linux person, trialling (and liking) the latest PC-BSD (PCBSD9.2-RELEASE-x64). pr=ports/184276) to fix your Perl installation if you got the error message "configure: error: perl module Locale::gettext required". [as] a result of the 20130612 layout change" and that the fix is to: file on how to deal non-trivial upgrades.

I've previously installed Script "configure" failed unexpectedly. Usually, it provides solutions for users that are using portupgrade, portmaster or binary pkgng packages.

Another common failure is a missing X11 installation.

Even if the port you try to build has no direct dependency on X11, a subpackage of it or its dependencies may require X11 headers and libraries.

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