Bindi dating

” “My dad is still very much my mum’s soul mate,” she said, referring to her late father, Crocodile Hunter star Steve Irwin, who died after being impaled by a stingray while filming a documentary entitled Ocean’s Deadliest in 2006.“I think that no matter what, Mum always says that they’ll always be married,” the 18-year-old continued.

Others who will also have their own Barbie include NASA Mathematician Katherine Jackson, pilot Amelia Earhart, ballerina Yuan Tan, and artist Frida Kahlo.

Lohan showed off her acting prowess at 12 when she played a set of identical twins in the 1998 remake of "The Parent Trap." She went on to star in movies like "Freaky Friday" (2003) and "Mean Girls" (2004), but her tumultuous private life soon interfered with her career.

But don't look for her to spill any gossip about him; the teen didn't even reveal his name.

But between the tattoos, the vandalism accusations and a recent arrest, Biebs is not the same "Baby" singer we met in 2009.

Selena Gomez's appearance hasn't changed dramatically since she starred on the Disney Channel's "Wizards of Waverly Place," but her work sure has.

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