Aweber form not updating

We also have client libraries in PHP, Python, and Ruby to help you get started quickly.If you know the basics of OAuth and don't wish to use our client libraries, you can find more technical details on our use of OAuth here.We can also say Subscribers belong to a List, or Lists belong to an Account, and so on.A single resource is referred to as an Entry and is shown as a yellow circle on the map.When successful, this method will return a 200 OK status and contain a JSON representation of a Campaign collection in the body.

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The collection will be sorted by 'broadcast id' (if status is 'draft'), 'send date' (if status is 'scheduled'), 'sent date' descending (if status is 'sent') .The collection will be sorted by the split test 'id', web form 'id' combination.The collection will be sorted by custom field 'id'. Custom Fields must be created before you can assign Custom Field values to Subscribers. Make a POST request on this resource and include the parameters listed below in the http body.A paginated list of (ws.size) entries starting at the offset specified by start.This contains an abbreviated list of the attributes for a broadcast.

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