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Likelihood of returning: 89.3% What would be more “The Office” than re-hiring Kevin, who not only was dimwitted, but actually was committing a crime? Current job: The star of Netflix’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” Character status: Erin broke up with Andy and started dating Pete. Likelihood of returning: 2.1% Although it’s conceivable that Erin might still be working the receptionist desk at Dunder Mifflin, Kemper is busy, like Kaling, starring in her own show.

Current job: Smith plays Betty Broderick-Allen in Netflix’s “The O. Louis with her husband, Bob, and works at a yarn store.

But Pam is too competent a character to fill the Michael Scott role, and with Fischer currently busy, any pilot would have to be written without her character anyway.

Current job: Wilson recurs as Harry Mudd in “Star Trek: Discovery” for CBS All Access.

If the pay is right, and the episodic order more trimmed to allow him to do other things, why not?

Wilson came close to continuing on anyway, as he developed the Dwight spinoff “The Farm” for NBC (which ultimately passed).

Likelihood of returning: 73.0% Stanley’s exasperated look became a necessary go-to on the show as a balance to the chaos.

Perhaps Stanley gets bored with retirement and joins his old colleagues back up in Scranton.

Current job: Nunez plays Father Doug on TBS’ “People of Earth,” which comes from “The Office’s” Greg Daniels.

Likelihood of returning: 81.8% Every office has an Angela, and every office needs an Angela.

It’s also an opportunity to have Dwight show up every once in a while.

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