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"I needed a friend who knew me on the level that she did to talk me off the ledge, and she just wasn't available."Well, of course she wasn't available — she was preparing for one of the most life-changing events she'll ever experience.We know this intellectually, so why do we still feel so hurt when it happens?"Use this as an opportunity for a personal awakening," says Brateman.Get in touch with yourself and figure out what you're really feeling.I'm glad I gave it another shot because we mean even more to each other now than we did before."In my case, my pregnant friend turned out to be on a different path than I was, and we drifted apart.I wish her only good things, but ultimately, I needed to find other, like-minded women with whom I could connect — and I'm glad I did.Whether you want kids, have kids, or hate kids, it's good for your friendship — and yourself — to consider the situation from your pregnant friend's point of view.

"Feelings of abandonment, anger, rejection, and betrayal are normal in this situation," she says.Hello, ultrasounds and sleep-deprived zombie-mom on diaper duty.The first time a friend got pregnant, I felt as though she were abandoning our girl code and way of life — hanging out late, drinking dirty martinis, and living a little dangerously — without my vote. "When my friend got pregnant, I felt so betrayed," confesses Madi R., 27, from Boston."Hopefully, you'll get to a place where you realize that this wasn't a personal assault."Still, the relationship might not look the same when it comes out on the other side."When my friend's son turned 2, we became close again," says Lauren W., 30, from Philadelphia. I have this new respect for her because she's a great mom, and I learn from her every day.

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