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Notice how this philosophy of secretiveness and disguise is contrary to the openness and transparency of the Apostles: The Seventh-day Adventist hierarchy has a long history of practicing deception.In the early 1850s, church co-founder James White removed portions of Ellen White's visions and then republished them with 19% of the original writings missing.When Adventists hold a crusade or evangelistic campaign, they generally attempt to hide who they are from the general public.Often they hold the meetings in a neutral public venue, such as a meeting hall, and they do not mention who they are or what church they are representing.Did they ever pretend like they were not Christians so that they could get more people to come to their meetings?On Pentecost did Peter and John stand up and pretend like they were non-Christians in order to gain the people's confidence?They think they are the only ones in the city.'" Adventism is a very exclusive religion.

Their medical system is second-to-none in the Christian world, and the work they have done for the blind is exceptional.Elder Carter loved to hold crusades, and he would rent out public halls and advertise himself as an expert lecturer on archeology.He would never mention anything about Ellen White in his crusades, even though she was mentioned regularly in Sabbath School and church services at his church.He would never mention Adventism until near the end of the crusade. It had no identification as to which religious organization published it.He even instructed us to give intentionally vague and non-committal answers to attendees who asked us what church we represented. I immediately suspected it was an Adventist publication.

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