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Garside, originally from Scotland, adds: “Look out for corporate crooks.Chains of language schools are usually an easy option for getting a quick teaching position, but will not necessarily be the most intellectually stimulating, and will often work out as the worst option financially.” It’s easier to concentrate your job searches around the established academies, as they often have the biggest staff numbers and turnover of teachers.

The catch: you have to sort out paying your own social charges, which are paid depending on how much you earn.

“Make sure you find out during the interview how much travel will be required and how it is remunerated.

If you teach for three hours but have to travel for five, your day works out much longer, and your hourly rate takes a big blow,” says Garside.

However it might pay off to spend some time looking elsewhere.

“Private language schools – primary and secondary, rather than adult language centres – offer some very well-paid positions and are definitely worth checking out if you can already prove your credentials in teaching and are willing to follow a script,” says Garside.

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