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"Everyone wants to know what happens to us after we die," she said.

For many, Halloween is an especially critical time of year.

Cathi Weber believes in ghosts because they've been part of her life since she was a little girl.

"I was about 8 when I had my first experience," she said.

"I think some imaginary playmates could actually be spirits," she said.

It corresponds to the Catholic All Saints Day and is similarly observed in South American countries and in Spain.

Now that she is an adult, Weber seeks out ghosts and shares her experiences and those of others in Willoughby Ghosts Walks, which she leads on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings from May through October.

"In some places, like Gettysburg, battles that were fought there continue to be replayed for those sensitive to them," she said.

"The theory is that these battles took place on top of limestone and quartz deposits that have somehow imprinted them.

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