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The results in terms of reduction in process variation were on-track and cost savings totalled US billion and improvement of labour productivity became 204% increase during 1987-1997 (Losianowycz, 1999).Nowadays, as the founder for Six Sigma, Motorola University defines Six Sigma as (Product metrics are used to asses the state of the product, tracking risks and discovering potential problem areas. Process metrics focus on improving the long term process of the team or organisation. Victor Bassili defines a top-down, goal oriented framework for software metrics.

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It scales the characteristics of defects per unit, part per million defective and the probability of a failure.

At Motorola University, we think about Six Sigma at three different levels: o As a metric o As a methodology o As a management system Essentially, Six Sigma is all three at the same time.” "...

Six Sigma as a Metric: The term "Sigma" is often used as a scale for levels of 'goodness' or quality.

The concept of Six Sigma(6σ) began in 1986 as a statistically-based method to reduce variation in electronic manufacturing processes in Motorola Inc in the USA.

The top management with CEO Robert Galvin developed a concept named Six Sigma, In 1987, he formulated the goal of "achieving Six-Sigma capability by1992" in a memo to all Motorola employees (Bhote, 1989).

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